Starting your coupon binder

Staying organized when you coupon is the key to your success at saving money. If you keep your coupons in your purse, on the table, or in a box you may forget about them. I keep my coupons in a binder. Yes, my coupons are kept in a well organized 2” pink binder! :-) Here I will show you how to put your binder together.


1. 2”-2 1/2” Binder (Make sure it is not a cheap binder. Avery is a good brand. You will want something that will hold up)

2. Pencil Bag (The soft kind with rings a that can be put into your binder. In the pencil bag keep:little calculator, Club rewards cards, little pad, pen)

3. Baseball Card Holders (not business card Baseball card, find at Office Max, Staples, Office Depot for about $3 a pack)

4. Dividers (Mine is numbered 1-25. You can use the alphabet or even less numbers)

5. File Pouches (found where the baseball card/binders are)

6. Anything you think will help you keep organized!

In your binder you will need to use your dividers to separate your baseball card sheets into categories. You can choose what categories are successful for you.

I do my categories in the order the store flows. I did have them in alphabetical order, but store order is easier. Though all stores are not the same I keep the binder in a general order.

It does take a few hours on a Sunday to sit and clip coupons, but I do it when I watch television. It is a bit of an obsession now.

Sunday Nov 27 @ 02:04am
That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest. Henry David Thoreau Sunday Nov 13 @ 03:35pm
Be a smart consumer


It is no doubt that we have choices when it comes to brands we buy. I know some of us only buy Dove or only use Kraft, but when you become a couponer you need to throw that brand loyalty out the window. You will need to shop by what is on sale, and what you have coupons for. So you say “but I only use crest toothpaste, and I refuse to use anything else.” I get that, but why use crest if you can get Colgate for free? Times are tough, and if you think you will never run into financial hardships you could be wrong. I do not believe in living scared, but I do believe in smart planning. When couponing you can begin to stock pile things like razors, toilet paper, lotion, and non perishable food items. Stock piling is great because when items go on sale, and you have a coupon for them you can get them for free or near free. Items do sit in my linen closet, but they are there when I need them. No more running to the store at midnight, or using kleenex for toilet paper when you run out of TP. I know these economic times are rough, and they are not looking any better for the near future. It is important to be a smart consumer when shopping. We American’s are so wasteful, and it is sad that even in these rough economic times people are still living beyond there means. There is no shame in couponing. Yes people behind you in the store might grumble, but believe me their jaws will drop once they see your final out of pocket cost! I have had people stop me in the store, and ask about my coupon binder. I am happy to share the secrets. I know of people who charge for classes, but that is bs we are all here to save money. I am happy to help!

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Not your momma’s couponing…

I am crazy about couponing. I could talk, blog, and tweet about using coupons all day long! Many of my friends have asked me to share my secrets about how I take a $100 grocery bill then walk out of the store paying twenty bucks. Not only do I save money, but it is also a huge rush to chop a grocery bill in half (or less than half). I am sure you heard that couponing is time consuming, and it is I won’t lie. I take about two hours on a Sunday night to get organized. I clip coupons, write my grocery lists, and search the net while I watch television. Couponing is a game, and to win at this game you will need to develop strategy. Are you ready for more money in your pocket? Sick and tired of running to the store daily when you need one item? Does your mind get boggled when you walk into Target for toilet paper, and you end up spending fifty bucks? Follow my rules, you too will become a couponing queen, and have more money for your pocket. Check out my key terms I provided for you to help you guys navigate through this new lifestyle change.

Key Terms:

BOGO: Buy one get one free, or buy one get one half off. Simply put “Buy one get one.”

Catalina Machine: You know at stores such as Wallgreens and Kroger how not only do you get your receipt, but also another “ticket” of sorts that pops out? These are coupons! Keep them!

Coupon: A voucher entitling the consumer for a discount on certain products. 

Coupon Binder: A binder that keeps all of your coupons in an organized fashion. Please watch my coupon binder video to show you how to make one.

Coupon Email Address: OK so many of the rewards programs make you give an email address, and many coupons can be found online now. I know it can be scary using your personal email address, so I suggest making one for the sole use of couponing. Ie:, (whatever).

Expired Coupons: Yes you cannot use expired coupons, but some people can. Who? Army wives. You can send in your expired coupons to army bases, and they can use them after the expiration date. Follow the link for address. This is a great way to help support the Unites States military families. 

Manufacturer: The company who produces the coupon. Ie: Proctor and Gamble. I will refer to manufacturer coupons as MF. 

Rebate: Many companies will offer a rebate when you send in the receipt, and proof of purchase. In your coupon binder you will need to keep envelopes and stamps. 

Register Rewards: You will hear me use this term a lot. Stores such as C.V.S. give you money back for buying certain items. These bucks can be used for your future purchases. 

Reward Cards: Also known as loyalty cards, point cards, advantage cards, and club cards. The cards are plastic cards that belong to a store such as Randalls, Kroger, C.V.S., Office Max, Staples…I know you have one of these. Please use them! They can help you save so much. 

Stacking Coupons: Using a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon. Ie: One MF $1.00 off Crest Toothpaste coupon, and .75 off Crest Toothpaste Target coupon.

Stickies: These coupons can be found on items, and they can be pulled off for instant use! 

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Why coupon? Save money of course, in case of job loss, for your future, to save up for that tropical vacation, more money in the bank…

Why coupon? Save money of course, in case of job loss, for your future, to save up for that tropical vacation, more money in the bank…

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About Me

I suppose I will use this first post to introduce myself, the purpose of my blog, and speak of the credibility of my trade. My name is Alexandra, and I am a writer with a passion for sharing my secrets to living a frugal but fabulous life. Through college I bartended at many Houston bars and pubs, and sad to say I have nothing to show for my tips. Like most kids in college I spent the money I had on clothes, drinks, and parties. Now I have a big girl job, but I get paid once a month! I have to really budget my money. I still want to enjoy life, travel, eat well, drink well, and of course shop. I have taught myself how to enjoy the things I love, and obtain them by simple budgeting. For food and personals I coupon. Clothes I shop thrift. When I travel I go off the beaten path.  I want to share all my secrets and tips with you on how to save money, but still live a fabulous life! You will be thanking me once your grocery bill is ten bucks. You will love me when you find a pair of $400 designer shoes for $2. Cheers 

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